Mekedonia Home

"ሰውን ለመርዳት ሰው መሆን በቂ ነው!"

A Sanctuary of the Poor, the Sick, the Weak and the Friendless

Addis Ababa, Harar, Gore, Dessie, Dire Dawa, Adama, Gambella, Shashemane, Beke, and Adwa.

You Can Help By Volunteering Your Time, Labor, and ideas.

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Our Home is

dedicated to improving the lives of individuals facing various challenges such as the elderly, those with mental disabilities, physical impairments, visual impairments, and individuals who are bedridden. We strive to provide comprehensive support by offering basic services including food, clothing, shelter, hygiene facilities, medical care, education, and more to our residents living in our center. Our aim is to ensure that each resident has access to the resources they need to live a fulfilling and comfortable life.

We Love Humanity

Providing encouragement and rehabilitation to develop the physical and mental capacities of disabled individuals.

Medical Service

Providing medical and health check services to promote wellbeing

Bed Riders
Mentally Disabled
Physically Imperilment
Visually Imperilment

Contribute for our Causes

Mekedonia Woman Bed Riders

Kindly Donate to help us provide severely needed incontinence supplies, including diapers, bed pads, gloves, and more to our 2500 bedridden and mental disabled residents.

Mekedonia New Building

Kindly help us build a home for the homeless, bed riders, elders, physically impaired, visually impaired, and for bed riders. Every gift matters! By doing so you will build your heavenly home!

Our needs are not only limited to your financial assistance. You can help by volunteering your time, your labor and your ideas. By leading us to any homeless person you see on the street. Even by hosting your next event at the center to help feed our residents such as Birthdays, Christenings, Weddings, Nika, Melse, Graduations, Zeker, Sedeka, Death anniversaries, and coffee ceremonies.

Additionally, the center also requires
donations of material needs such as

We require different types of construction materials for the new building which cost 1.2B Birr

We use adult diapers for bed riders and the mentally disabled across our all branches.

You can donate used and new medical equipment.

We would love to have to get your clothes donations always 

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Each and every person, irrespective of age, education, qualification, present or past experience or location can have a meaningful role to play in supporting and improving the lives of elderly people and those with mental disabilities.

 “ሰውን ለመርዳት ሰው መሆን በቂ ነው!”