Our Impact


Our Residents

Our beneficiary residents are homeless people picked up from different parts of the country such as Hawassa, Debre Zeit, Debre Libanos, Addis Ababa and Guder. 

To date Mekedonia  Homes has had Over 2000 Elderly and Mentally Disabled residents under our care. 



Over 481 Elderly

Over 606 Mentally Disabled 

Over 368 Bedridden 

Over 245 Physically Disabled

Our Successes

Of these 1700, 400 Elderly and Mentally handicapped residents have been successfully rehabilitated and have become productive employees of the Home. Some are working as Security Guards, Caregivers, Sanitation Workers, Drivers, Hostesses, Cashiers, Tour Guides, and in Food preparation. Others have been trained to work as Laboratory Technicians, Welders, Cement workers, Carpenters or Wood Workers. Additionally some have learned weaving, sewing, tapestry & carpet making, broom & mop production even raising chickens. Others are working as Supervisors, Construction experts, Business administrators, etc.

Over 300 of our patients have been able to return home and or to their previous lives and jobs just by the support provided by the organization.

Our Accomplishments

We were able to build our center quickly and move our patients to the 30 thousand  square foot land that was donated to us located next to the Ayat Condominiums which are owned and operated by the City of Addis Abeba. We have orchestrated tours for many volunteer groups, students, employees, spiritual leaders, government officials and other members of the community to see what we do and be a part of our mission. We have organized events such as Birthdays, Christenings, Weddings, Nika, Melse, Graduations, Zeker, Sedeka, Death anniversaries and much more to be able to have the community join us in the challenge of  providing the needs of our residents. We have assisted our residents to get exceptionally good health care including but not limited to open heart surgeries by using our own clinic, government hospitals and even paying the high cost of the most expensive private hospitals such as the Korean Hospital. We have partnered with Amanuel Specialized Mental Hospital to assist the mentally disabled residents get the appropriate treatment and return to full health. Because of that, some of them are returning back to the workforce. We provided Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy, Massage therapy and other medical treatments.